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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you knew I was going to do this the second that you told me I could make my box of gay here. But come on you needed more Gay Van Buren on your page because d uh I am perf. Lmao I guess I'm supposed to talk about you, which is kind of a bummer since I'm so much cooler than you.

bUT HOLY SHIT WE MET THREE YEARS AGO???? Holy shit jesus on a cracker we've been friends for three years. I know that doesn't seem like a long time in retrospect, but the fact that we've kept contact over the span of three years is something to be impressed by. Especially since I am a total recluse and don't talk to anyone like a hermit. I don't even know how things progressed to where they are now? Like one day we were chatting on Sea Runners and then suddenly I have your Skype and your phone number and I send you stupid fucking messages for no reason. Like what happened to get to this point???

But yeah funny thing I joined Sea Runners because I thought you were so cool and I wanted to be your friend and all that dorky stuff. Well lmao turns out you're a total nerd so whoops I was wrong there. But I did manage to befriend you, and over time you and I became best buds and partners in crime. I became your Gay Van Buren and you became my Than/Gremlin. AND LET ME JUST TELL YOU THAT I am hella glad that you and I became as close as we did. Hell want me to prove my name is right and tell you that you're my rock? You keep me grounded, as well as sensible. You fume with me whenever I decide to be a shit and get pissed about things, but you also calm down. You fangirl with me over Marvel stuff and then SHOW ME 8000000 SIERRA BOGGESS VIDEOS JFC. But yeah you always know what to say to make me feel better about stupid things that go on in my life, and you always cheer me up when I'm in one of my dopey sad moods. You don't even have to know that I'm sad you just fucking make me smile like the biggest idiot. Don't you call me a dummy here you shitface. But yeah I still remember last summer I was really sad for some reason (I'm a moody hoe shhhhh) and YOU JUST FUCKING MADE MY DAY GREAT BY TALKING TO ME ALL DAY. Like fucking shit you always fix me even when I don't know I need to be fixed.

I miss not being able to talk to you as much as I used to last summer, but that's alright. Even when we drift for a couple of months, we always end up finding each other again. And then we pick up right where we left off, like there was no gap in between the last time we talked. And honestly that's one of the greatest things about our friendship, is that we're able to always talk so easily no matter how much time it's been. We're both busy, but we still make time for each other to talk about what's going on in our lives and what's bothering us. I'm happy that you feel you can come to me whenever your parents are bothering you (I'm still mad about what your mom said about the psych ward thing) and just vent to me. And I'm happy to know that I can tell you about the poopface I live with because yeah it's nice to talk about parents being shits. And then with your other problems with internet people. Like THAT ONE PERSON and then the other person that you had me reply to because they blocked you. LMFAO you always include me in your internet drama. But that's alright because it's always so funny and stupid and omfg I love seeing how dumb people are.

bUT HOLY SHIT CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW TALENTED YOU ARE?? LIKE JFC YOUR VOICE IS PERF. I don't think I ever told you, but I watched the DVD you sent me and holy shit I loved it omg. I'm taking it to college with me you have no idea. You are a fantastic actress, and I can totally see you on Broadway one day. When you do you have to get me great seats to all of your shows, okay? Like first row next to your man (if you ever get one because you're too cool for the men), or some other cool person. How about Sierra Boggess? I'll point out how talented you are and then she'll make you her apprentice and teach you her ways. THIS IS FOOLPROOF. We need to make this happen. And if you ever need a pacemaker or something I'll make it for you??? Yeah I can't help you much with an engineering degree I am sorry but not really because hello I will be rich. We can be rich together and retire and live in France and eat baguettes all day.

Can I just say we need to meet each other really soon? I'm sick of not seeing you in person. We're going to make this happen eventually, I don't care how long it takes. It'll definitely take some time, but I will one day just pop up in your hillbilly town and just chill and we'll watch a bunch of movies and Josie can kiss my ass if she says anything poopy about you while I'm there. And all of the people in your town can make fun of me for being a city slicker and I'll be hella awkward and probably sweaty because I do not fair well in humidity. But yeah let's go get pancakes and watch The Avengers together. I'll make you a hella rad sandwich at some point. Maybe. If I'm feeling up to it. AND YOU CAN SHOW ME PHANTOM BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONE I WANT TO TAKE MY PHANTOM VIRGINITY HELLA I AM SAVING MYSELF FOR YOU

But yes okay I go now let me just close by saying how much I love you you fucking nerd. Literally you are perf and I don't know what I would do without you. You're the Eryx to my Kakia (I'm taller hurrrr), the Elsa to my Anna, and the Gay to my Van Buren. WAIT YOU ARE ALSO THE SAM TO MY FRODO duh of course you are lmao

Do you want me to close with something really gay and stupid
Good because I will

If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the 'no's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
I will follow you into the dark

It's even better when you listen to the George Blagden version omg please listen to it
I am emotional you don't even know

Okay yes now I actually will leave
Love you 666ever assbutt <33333

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I already wrote about taking a brief hiatus on skype because of Into the Woods, but now that the show's over, I think I'm extending that hiatus because I've found that I no longer have the desire to be on here constantly. 

8 deviants said I'll see you guys later. Thank you for being my friends <33
2 deviants said I'm crying again
1 deviant said As of right now the length of the hiatus is indefinite
No deviants said I'll pop in every now and then to check messages and maybe post some sketches, and I'll still go on skype, but I'm not going to be very active
No deviants said I love you guys, but being around my wonderful cast has kind of made me want to do something more than this with my time
No deviants said I guess it's like, I've spent so much of my time looking for people to be my family, and while I do have lots of friends on here that I cherish, I always felt distant from the groups of rp families, like the closer I tried to get, the farther I got
No deviants said But now I think I've found my family with these people, because yesterday on closing day was the first time I ever cried for any show I was in, and I've never sobbed so hard in my entire life, and we all just went around and hugged each other and cried
No deviants said I just wanted to give you guys an explanation about why I'm taking this hiatus and now I'm crying again


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im dead

brb I'm crying

<3 <3 <3
Sierra, why are you so perfect


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TGB: Kakia by GingerFlight

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stolen from like four people

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 4, 2015, 5:46 PM
[ ] I worship different God to the God worshipped in Christianity
[/] I believe in some form of magic or sorcery. (I dunno if this is what they mean by magic but I definitely believe in a lot of occult stuff, like the existence of ghosts and ouija boards calling bad spirits and stuff)
[x] I'm Homosexual/Bisexual etc. (I've concluded that I'm either pansexual or bisexual but I really don't know which tbh)
[ ] I'm non-binary gender.
[x] I've told lies or been dishonest.
[x] I've sworn at/ignored/rebelled against my parents.
[x] I've been drunk. (once, and it's never happening again)
[x] I've had sexual fantasies.
[x] I've worn gold.
[x] I've mislead/manipulated someone.
[x] I've worn polyester or any other fabric blend.
[ ] I have/plan to get a tattoo.
[x] I've masturbated/pulled out during sex/spat after oral. (definitely not the last two omg. I feel awkward about this one but I'm trying to be truthful laughs uncomfortably)
[ ] I've eaten shellfish.
[x] I've eaten pork.
[x] I've read and believe horoscopes and other forms of fortune telling.
[ ] I've had a divorce.
[ ] I've had sex before marriage.
[ ] I've cheated on my partner.
[/] I've had evil/violent thoughts or imaginations.
[x] I've been or am depressed or anxious. (been, but it's never anything serious that lasts more than a day or two)
[ ] I've self-harmed.
[ ] I've got little to no fear of God.
[/] I have disdain for God's law and word. (I don't disdain the Old Testament exactly? I just don't agree with a lot of what went down. The New Testament is A+ tho)
[ ] I never pray.
[x] I believe abortion should be a legal option.
[ ] I'm infertile/sterile.
[x] I'm stubborn.
[x] I've used sarcasm.
[x] I can be hateful to others.
[x] I idolize something/someone other than God. (i think we all know who)
[ ] I've stolen something.
[ ] I've flirted with someone. (i don't know how to put this into practice lmao)
[ ] I've been suicidal.
[ ]  I'm baptized and do not believe in Jesus/not baptized at all.
[x] I've ingested blood. (not like in the vampire way, like in the 'o shit i just cut myself let me suck on the cut to make it stop hurting' way
[x] I've put my own cares before God.
[x] I've accepted a bribe.
[ ] I do not go to church.
[x] I've boasted of my achievements. (but I'm usually joking and/or overacting pfft)
[ ] I've threatened someone.
[ ] I've dressed indecently. (the most I've ever done is show some cleavage and worn a few short dresses tbh, but I don't see that as indecent)
[x] I've felt pride.
[/] I've felt lust.
[x] I've been envious.
[x] I've been a glutton.
[x] I've been greedy.
[x] I've felt wrath.
[x] I've been lazy.

Total: 29/46

1-10   = Everyone makes mistakes, confess and you'll be welcomed into Gods Kingdom.
11-20 = You're a sinner, but you can still be saved by confessing those sins.
21-30 = Confess now and beg saviour!
31-40 = You're going to hell.
41-50 = You are the Anti-Christ…

i'm laughing so much at the scoring options


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Above: Me as Eponine ;u;


Real name: Vanessa

Age: 18

Gender: Female.

I'm planning to major in Vocal Performance, and once I earn my Bachelor's, I'll look to go into a conservatory for the performing arts. After which I will be actively seeking a career on Broadway !!

Sierra Boggess is my role model <3

~My fanfiction account:…

~ My Deviantart page is incredibly cluttered, I know. xD Sorry if it takes forever to load for anyone.

~ Is currently avoiding joining new roleplay groups like the plague
Which is easier said than done by the way because people keep pooping out cool ones sobs

Smile by rainwolfeh This is My Happy Face by rainwolfeh

AHS Webcam

Art Status

Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDuke Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Trades - On Hold by SweetDuke No Requests by SweetDuke Collaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

Prices for money commissions can be found here: Prices can be found here:

Commission info:


:bulletred: Pixel Icons: 700 points (not animated)

:bulletgreen: Lineart: 400 points

:bulletred: Simple Chibis: 500 points - extra 100 points for added character(s)

:bulletgreen: One to three characters, flat colors, no shading: 700

:bulletred: One or two characters, colored and shaded, no background: 800 points

:bulletgreen: Same as above, but with a background: 900 points

:bulletred: Reference sheets: Price depends, typically from 300-500 points

:bulletgreen: More than two characters, all colored and shaded, no background: 700 points

:bulletred: Same as above, but with a background: 1100 points

:bulletgreen: A short, simple animation: 1500 points

:bulletred: Journal doll: 600 points

:bulletgreen: Detailed chibis: 700 points

:bulletred: Headshots (simple): 700 points

:bulletgreen: Headshots (detailed) 800 points

:bulletred: Mini Pixel characters: 600 (bouncing: extra 50 points)

:bulletgreen: Pixel characters: 800 points

:bulletred: Hypokits: Base price is 200 - 300 points (other factors for price include whether premade lineart or individual lineart for each, as well as amount of kits)
Every additional hypo: 50 points extra

If you would like to commission something else from me that is not on the list, feel free to note me and ask. :)

For all who don't know ----> Point Conversion by skinnyveestamp


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